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League Department People:Jian-jun gu

The ground   The address:Zhoushan city, zhejiang province dinghai gold 

           Pond west Hou auspicious road industrial zone11Number  

Zhoushan city r machinery manufacturing co., LTD

    Zhoushan city r machinery manufacturing co., LTD. And putuo mount with located in zhoushan city in China。

    The company specializes in manufacturingThe screw、Barrel product is suitable for use in domestic、Imported30-20000Grams of injection molding machine,φ15-φ300mmSingle screw extruder、φ30-φ200mmParallel twin-screw extruderφ35/φ70-φ92/φ188Line cone double screw extruder and rubber machinery、The loom、Petroleum machinery, etc。Company products base material is made of high quality steel38CrMoAlA,Products after quenched and tempered、The qualitative、Nitride、Fine grinding、Excellent polishing process manufacturing,Production at the same timeGH113Nickel base alloy(The new3#Steel)Screw barrel,Can also be sprayed welding alloy(Double metal),The company in addition to providing supporting machine factory at home and abroad、Colleges and universities、The scientific research units,Also undertake processing business,At the same time the door of surveying and mapping、Design、Maintenance and repair,A modified extrusion machine equipment。

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