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       2007Years12Month19Day,In response to the state environmental protection,Vigorously promote the development of energy-saving building materials,ag娱乐Industrial group in combination with a number of well-known domestic construction materials field enterprise jointly launchedag娱乐Energy saving technology group co., LTD,And in2016Years8Month11Day in a new three board listing。
        The company ownsag娱乐Construction of science and technology(Yantai)Co., LTD、ag娱乐Energy saving(Yantai)Environmental protection technology co., LTD、ag娱乐Energy saving(Yantai)Such as subsidiary engineering co., LTD。Products include hard foam polyurethane composite material、Rigid polyurethane insulation board、Integrated housing and concrete products,Energy-saving polyurethane products engineering construction technology and provide services。


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