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  2012 Municipal committee wu ninth to the enterprise
  Therefore, the and textile co., LTD is located in known as“Jingchu portal”As the jingmen,The company registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,The existing total assets5.2One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of620m,With employees2000Many people,Is a collection of cotton planting、Processing、Come in......More and more
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 2012 Company founding of the communist party of China91The anniversary celebrations 
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 “And the cup”New Year in the basketball game 
 Celebrate the eighty-ninth anniversary of the arrival of the communist party of China 
 Cotton prices Textile enterprise unbearable pain2012/4/19 
 Polyester short rose The polyester yarn“Comply with rose”Still“The price for shipment”?2012/04/1 
 4Month18Morning, the yarn market2012/04/18  
 The international yarn and textile in a week(4.6-4.12)2012/04/17  
 Dosage of global cotton factory for two consecutive years of decline 2012/4/16 
 India's cabinet meeting:Continue to ban cotton exports2012/04/12 
Respect for the ladies、Gentlemen:

  Therefore, the and textile co., LTD. Is a private enterprise,With nearly 30 Years of textile history,The main production of various other pure cotton yarn and blended yarn,Has its own cotton base,Is the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises,Therefore, cultivating“One hundred million yuan of enterprise”。The company has the self-management import and export rights,To go through ISO9001 The international quality management system certification,Existing20Thousands of ingot comprehensive ability,Annual output value5Hundred million yuan,Has the good economic efficiency and social benefits。... ...More and more
  We are looking for talented Value Turner
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