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  Qingzhou son dragon flower seedlings professional cooperatives town is located in shandong qingzhou yellow floor,The existing one hundred mu of fertile land,Main cultivating all kinds of green seedlings, Is a and cultivating flowers nursery stock and sales for the integration of shandong afforest nursery stock base, Since its establishment has been built various kinds of garden greening projects50At many points,Supporting project close20At many points,The company has a landscaping technical personnel20Many people,Senior engineer5People,Engineering and technical personnel15People。 Welcome all friends to visit!Product sales throughout the country,It is one of the country's major。Seedling strong adaptability,The survival rate is high,Is the best choice of the landscaping workers, Qingzhou yellow building town, traffic is very convenient ,Currently undertake different size style of landscaping and maintenance (Including the enterprise、The road、The school、Hotels and residential area)、Large sports ground greening and maintenance engineering,To undertake various occasions of greening rent and maintenance engineering
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